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C-Level B2B company databases for South Africa , Africa & Middle East

CEO, CFO , CISO, CIO & IT manager Business database lists for sale

Database 360 is the leading B2B lead generation and appointments setting company for South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Database 360 has comprehensive and updated African Business List Database – C-level, CISO, CIO, HR & IT Managers, containing bespoke business data, general business data, person specific data and personal leads for your business set to help you generate business and maximise on your ROI.

We have unique C-Level business list database for companies, institutions and reliable decision makers as well as access to millions unique consumer records. To help you with lead generation during your outbound telemarketing activities and help you generate business, we can supply you with quality call centre data and data lists.

Of all the database selling companies in Africa, Database 360 has the largest up to date email marketing database for Africa and email marketing database South Africa thus, we are much ahead of lead generation companies all over the continent.

Our Offer

We lead appointment setting lead generation companies, outsourced lead generation companies, consumer lead generation companies, b2b lead generation companies, b2b data providers, lead generation companies for IT services, telemarketing lead generation companies, outbound lead generation companies as well as sales lead generation companies.

If you are looking of where to get mailing lists for Africa or where to buy sales leads, we are the most reliable data provider company supplying reliable b2b marketing data than most third party b2b marketing data providers and can help you with lead generation and appointment setting services.

We can equally help with business to business appointment setting (b2b lead generation and appointment setting services), telemarketing appointment setting, outbound appointment setting, market research, technology surveys

Database 360 have comprehensive up to date B2B data lists for all major towns in all of Africa’s 54 countries, including Portuguese and French speaking


We can provide you with a segmented and filtered list of contact numbers for businesses, broken down by country, sector, industry, etc.

Database 360 can provide you with relevant decision makers contact details broken down by various fields and indicators to ensure you reach the right people and improve your chances of generating leads and closing more sales. This database is constantly updated by our research team to ensure high contactability.

Our database provide profiled consumer contact details which can be filtered on age, area, income etc and the data has a 90% contactability guarantee in South Africa & 80% in Africa.

We have diverse data

We own and maintain the largest African Business List Database – C-level, CISO, CIO, HR & IT Managers’ business directory with  millions of business records and can segment our database by a wide variety of fields. Database 360 can help supply you with business lists, directories, mailing lists, telephone or telemarketing lists to help you generate quality business leads. We can also supply you with bespoke data, customized to suit your needs.

So, whether you are trying to reach businesses in a specific town or industry, or types of companies such as large corporate or Stock Exchange listed entities, or companies that have multiple branches throughout Africa, contact us today with an overview of your requirements and we will give you a count and quote.

With hundreds of thousands of business records and decision makers on our database, we can help. We offer a 90% guarantee on all general business data and an 80% guarantee on person specific data. The data is supplied in an xlsx format and can be custom mapped to your requirements for easy import into your CRM or ERP system.

POPI and GDPR Compliance

All our data is POPI & GDPR compliant and adhere to latest SIC Codes. Database 360 delivers a custom made and highly accurate mailing list of your ideal SIC code you can use this information to successfully acquire more customers within that industry. Inquire now and Get a Quote! Follow Us!

Our Services Includes;

Data Assortment – Our Email List Providers and Data Expert Team collect the information from various genuine sources and segregate the records accordingly based on Industry-wise, geographical wise enabling us to create accurate company email database, b2b email database, reliable marketing contacts database and successful b2b marketing database.

Data Verification and Validation – In this process, the database will be thoroughly verified internally and externally. It cuts down the useless data, deletes duplication and integrates existing data for a cleaner, user-friendly database.

Data Analysis and interpretation ­ – The data will be interpreted and reviewed for the purpose of arriving at an informed conclusion after the process of Data Appending and Data cleansing.

Data Validation– Our Expert Team keep updating the database depending upon the latest trends, techniques, Market demand and we provide perfectly accurate, conclusive results for a business. Trust us for the most reliable African Business List Database – C-level, CISO, CIO, HR & IT Managers!

We also Specialize in;

Email leads list/ email marketing lists / b2b email leads / email list database – Our email matching services retrieve the rest of the information about a customer given an email and mailing list for b2b email marketing lists (business to business mailing lists). Such a service is a boon for digital marketers who require complete user information for business mailing lists or building a business email address database.

Services such as these enable advertisers to conduct a multichannel marketing campaign. This generates significantly greater leads and results in better revenues as well as ROI. We have a substantive mailing list database containing corporate mailing lists, business email address list with verified business email data.

So, we always have business email leads for sale enabling you to buy business email leads (targeted email lists) that have a high clicking rate. You can purchase email database from us, one of the best lead list companies and lead generation service providers in Africa or you can opt for our highly successful b2b appointment setting services as we offer you lead generation and appointment setting services. Try us!

We reckon we are the best of all the b2b appointment setting companies in Africa!

Data Cleansing Services – Helps to generate fresh and accurate records. It enables targeting the right audience in the right way. Database 360’s resources who collate qualified and accurate data are highly trusted. Without delay, the raw data provided by our clients is cleansed and matched to fill the missing records. Accordingly, it is then verified for its authenticity. We thus facilitate you to procure better profit from your marketing initiatives and activities.

Data Matching (Mining)Services – This helps to generate fresh and accurate records to effectively connect with your clients. Since Database 360 have trusted resources who collate qualified and accurate data, the data is verified for its authenticity therefore permitting the marketers to easily connect with their prospects. Our reliable data management services helps you to derive better profit from your marketing initiatives.

We offer data matching services based on industry, job functions, geography, demographics, firmographics, and so on. We enable a seamless discovery of your target audience no matter where they are. With our quality of work, we have become the trusted data matching service providers in Africa as we leave no stone unturned in quest of offering the values sought after by our clients.

B2B Lead Generation Services – Competent leads drive healthy associations with your customers. So, for this, it is critical to have a lucrative b2b contact database and to make a check in the target markets. We also track and update the massive source of prospects details to enable you to focus on the well-planned ways to attract the customers regardless of where they are. Since we help our clients to transform their prospects into trusted leads so, we are the best-sought b2b lead generation company in Africa. So, we help our customers to succeed in their business by offering productive Lead Generation.

List Management Services – Genuine leads impart a sound relationship with your clients. Thus, it is vital to have a competent list of prospects. Database 360 helps you get one and improves the capability of the marketers to target the best prospects by using list management. This will help in growing better leads as well as increase ROI. We track and refresh the prospects data to enable you to concentrate on the varied aspects of your business and plan ways to draw the attention of your clients. Therefore, we help our customers to convert the prospects into trusted clients as we are the best-looked Email List Manager.

We are ready to give you the most updated African Business List Database – C-level, CISO, CIO, HR & IT Managers!

Let us help you connect to decision makers across Africa