Boosting your business through quality leads

Business owners need to ask themselves an important question. Do you want more? Or do you want to do what you do, but even better? Clever business owners will usually answer ‘both’, but if pushed to choose one, will opt for the latter.

So says Louise Robinson, MD of CG Consulting, who adds that the better the quality of an organisation’s marketing efforts, products, leads, customers, and associated relationships, the better their reputation and results will be too. “Concentrating on quality should be at the core for any business, and should start from the ground up, from design, to production, to marketing, to hitting the shelves.”

She says quality vs quantity is a long-standing debate that can be applied to all aspect of the business. “All organisations want to optimise their marketing initiatives and sales processes. They all want to ensure employee happiness and retention. They all want to remain financially healthy and profitable, and the best way of doing this is to ensure a consistent stream of sales leads.”

One way of doing this, says Robinson, is to make use of social media and public relations. “Today’s consumers spend time doing their research, often making use of social media channels to see what is available, to read reviews, and to discover the latest and best products available. Savvy businesses will manage their social media pages carefully. They will be quick to respond to queries, and ensure the latest information is always available. Social media is a crucial link in the B2B marketing chain.”

Content marketing is also important, says Robinson. “It is also very cost effective, and can generate a lot of quality leads when done properly. Sharing quality content will ensure your business and its spokespeople are viewed as authorities on the industry and though leaders with their fields. This boosts the business’ reputation and helps to build credibility.”

Also, she says, remember that often the first impression a potential customer will have of your business is your website. “When deciding on a product or service, the first thing a potential customer will do will be to visit your website. This is why it needs to be engaging, clear, easy to navigate, and relevant. You only have one chance to make ta good impression, and your site should contain all the information and content necessary to assist customers in the decision-making process.”

Finally, Robinson says there really is no better way to ensure leads that will turn into actual sales, than to partner with a good lead-generation provider with a proven track record. “By partnering with a professional, you can guarantee that all leads are genuinely interested, potential customers. Leads that come from motivated consumers who are already on the brink of investing in your product or solution.”

The quality of your leads and your customer data affects every subsequent step in your sales pipeline, she adds. “This goes way beyond accuracy. Bad, low quality leads waste your sales team’s time on research, data entry and chasing red herrings and dead ends. High quality leads lead to improved reporting, automation as well as segmentation. A good lead generation partner will help your business consistently and continually pinpoint your best possible potential customers and add incredible value data points to your current client records.”