Building an Effective B2B Sales Pipeline

According to B2B Technology Marketing Community, nearly 50% of B2B marketers’ lead generation budgets will increase this year (2015). However, whilst lead generation is merely one of many inbound marketing tools, companies are often unmindful of how to effectively generate said leads.

Gaining access to the right people and subsequently managing those leads successfully; isn’t something businesses have necessarily planned or budgeted for. Businesses invest time in sales strategies to generate more leads, yet they fail to appropriately anticipate what happens when this strategy is implemented and working.

Lead generation can be difficult, but with the assistance of a company that specialises in generating leads and building B2B pipelines, it doesn’t have to be. According to MarketingSherpa, 68% of B2B organisations have not planned their pipeline effectively. Partnering with a company that can help put the right foundations in place is the essential first step to long term sales success.