Capitalise on new market opportunities

According to the EY Attractiveness survey Africa 2015, Making Choices, in 2014, traditional investors, including those from North America and the Middle East, refocused their attention on Africa. Investors from the US, France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Portugal and China were particularly active during the year.

From a regional perspective, Western Europe and Africa remain the largest sources of FDI into the continent. Opportunities abound in infrastructure, consumer-facing and agricultural sectors, the report found, with two trends defining Africa’s future growth path including rising urbanisation and a growing consumer class.

“In line with these trends, FDI data reveals strong inflows into real estate, hospitality and construction (RHC) in 2014. Three consumer-facing sectors — technology, media and telecommunications (TMT); financial services; and consumer products and retail (CPR) again attracted the largest share of investor activity,” the survey stated.

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