Databases a great investment for any business

Managing your business is not easy without the proper tools for the job. Creating leads for your company can be time consuming and expensive, but the fact is that all businesses need to focus both on client retention and acquisition of clients in order to grow. By buying a business database and lead generation campaign, companies can get the results they need without wasting time and money on hours of fruitless searching and outdated data.

“Businesses need leads if they want to make sales and be more profitable. However, they don’t need just plain leads; they need leads that fit their specifications. Aside from that, the freshness of the leads must always be ensured. This is why lead generation, combined with a business database, is the best way to guarantee sales,” says Louise Robinson, Sales Director of CG Consulting. “It improves the overall efficiency and functionality of your firm. Using this approach, you’ll be marketing yourself in your preferred target industry, to leads that have extremely high chances of being turned into sales.”

According to Robinson, a common misconception is that databases are expensive, and can only be purchased by large companies. She points out that all businesses need data that they can convert into leads, and that the purchase of a good database will not only improve sales, but will save time and money. “Many companies make the mistake of thinking that a good database is out of their budget, but that perception is wrong. While there is a cost associated to buying data and/or leads, this not only becomes affordable when ROI is considered, but can even be considered an investment,” she says. “In addition, companies do not need to buy databases containing thousands of names when a few hundred qualified, actionable leads are all that is required.”

In addition to providing actionable information, the purchase of a good, clean database ensures that if you’re targeting specific areas such as annual revenue and employee size, or a specific sector of industry, all leads will fall within the target range. And because these leads have been qualified and verified, the chance of converting them to sales increases markedly.

“If you are targeting the right people, you will get the right results. This makes a database purchase affordable because it’s a great way to gain market knowledge to aid you in knowing what to improve on your products and services, and it’s the easiest way to make sales. You’ll start seeing just how cost-effective having a business database is when you start bringing in those sales,” Robinson says.

She adds that with the many leads available on the many databases that are for sale, companies must be careful to purchase a clean database from a reputable supplier. “If the data you are buying is outdated, or duplicated, then there is no value for money and it does become an expensive exercise. However, purchasing a good database from a reputable supplier eliminates that risk, making it a great investment for any business.”