A decade of solid growth

15 years ago, the use of data in business was in its infancy and databases were largely hit-and-miss endeavours.  Seeing a gap in the market, CG Consulting was formed to help companies of all sizes effectively use their data and to provide solid, comprehensive data to meet their business needs. Today, the company is a premier provider of database, market research and lead generation services to companies of all sizes.

Starting with a single database for its one customer, CG Consulting has evolved its business to become an outbound outsourced data specialist that can do everything from cleaning existing databases, to providing inclusive databases in any industry, to activities such as lead generation and market research – and everything in between. Concentrating on its niche has allowed the company to carve a unique space in the market, and has resulted in tremendous growth over the past decade.

“Our goal was to provide a tailored service to meet specific business needs when we started, and we have kept that firmly in mind as the business had grown. Our unique offering and our customer-focused support have been instrumental in our progress as a company, and we are proud of having retained the same values all these years,” says Louise Robinson, Sales Director of CG Consulting.

“Everyone, from politicians to entrepreneurship-crazed young people, love small businesses. Small businesses are dynamic and they’re human-scale, and most of us like our institutions to reflect the same values of authenticity, humanity, creativity, and service that we value in individuals. We take this one step further – not only do we provide our clients with service based on these principles, we carry it through to all of our initiatives on their behalf.”

And the company’s growth hasn’t been limited to manpower and customers. A few years ago, CG Consulting expanded its operations up into Africa, and now boasts the most inclusive databases available for countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda. By recruiting French- and Portuguese-speaking staff, the company has made inroads into many countries traditionally difficult for South African businesses to break into, and CG Consulting is passing this knowledge and expertise on to its clients.

In addition, as emerging markets have become increasingly attractive, the company has stayed ahead of the trend by moving into the Middle East and enjoying the same success in countries such as Saudi Arabia. Other growth markets, such as Turkey, are now on CG Consulting’s agenda.

“We established a UK-based subsidiary, Database 360, in order to ensure that we can provide even better service to our European customers, and are continuing to survey the needs of the market to ensure we provide the data our clients need. In an ailing economy, we have enjoyes steady and consistent growth and success, which I believe proves the value we offer,” Robinson concludes.