• Database 360 comply with POPIA & GDPR law as we hold no Personal Information or credit cards details for companies or individuals.
  • Our data is “Business data”and on the web which is constituted as intellectual property.
  • Data is verified once an order is placed and can take 3-5 working days
  • We don’t tie clients into contracts it’s a once off purchase. The data is yours for multiple use
  • With Covid 19 Pandemic there may be a higher inaccuracy rate on the data, which is beyond our control.
  • Data laws in South Africa use the Opt- out method of communication ie you must add an unsubscribe button to your emails and messaging.

POPI refers to South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act which seeks to regulate the Processing of Personal Information.POPI governs the way personal information is collected, stored, used, disseminated and deleted.

The data subject must consent to the processing of personal information except in certain circumstances. The most common of these is where processing is necessary to conclude or perform a contract with the data subject.

We do not hold any personal information, Id numbers, salaries or credit card details.

All our data is collected via telephone or research on the web and is B2B data and intellectual property.

Our data is verified on a monthly basis and has a 30 day guarantee with 90% accuracy in South Africa and 80% in Africa.

Out data is OPT out and when emailing client’s you must have an unsubscribe button and remove their name from the list.

Our data is sold as a once off and not leased or rented. You own the data purchased and it is according to a data agreement.