National Women’s Day: Changing the narrative around gender

With National Women’s Day approaching, the focus is on the role of women in the tech space is becoming more prominent as this industry has traditionally been seen as male dominated. Addressing gender discrimination in this industry requires the implementation of equal opportunity policies and by improving diversity in the workplace.

CG Consulting aims to readdress the gender imbalance in the tech industry by changing the narrative and harnessing the power of a better-balanced workforce.

The best person for the job wins. I believe jobs should not be gender focused, every job should go to the person who is qualified for the position and who can get the job done. We are always happy to empower young women and men as there is a shortage of trained young people in South Africa.

I’m old school and was always taught to get up, get dressed and get going. No drama – girl, boy, black, white, gay, straight, thin or fat – if someone has the right attitude can call and ready to learn we will happily employ them.

Our staff are normally from the townships or coloured areas and don’t have access to a laptop or broadband internet at home hence we work in an office 80% of the time. I’m not a hybrid fan, it’s like herding cats.

There’s nothing like being in the office because people talk to people and respond better in person. Gatherings at the office coffee machines and staff lunches bring people together and build team moral.

Most importantly, to understand your staff and have more empathy for people one needs to connect in person and understand their home situation which you can’t do over zoom. Maybe this is the women’s touch coming out in me.

CG Consulting is a women owned and women run business in operation for 20 years, a successful lead generation business and telemarketing agency focusing predominantly on the IT sector into Africa, which was very male focused.

Things have luckily evolved over the years and the playing field has evened out. Having said that, high-end callers are normally guys because its more technical and most IT managers are guys, they connect better. Just the way it is anywhere in the world.

We are an outsourced model and our clients pay for results, our staff understand that and work accordingly. We are result driven and get the job done. This approach has helped us transform representation and improve our gender mix. The IT industry is ever changing so we are continually growing and evolving, it’s exciting.