Only 6 months left for new business lead generation

All organisations start a new year with high hopes and lofty aspirations for their sales and marketing goals. By the middle of the year, many find that they have started to fall behind, leaving them with just six months to achieve their targets. This is where a good lead generation agency can be invaluable.

“Knowing who your prospective customers are and how they buy is half the battle in gaining new customers, and it takes time and effort to get this information. Merely having a name and a number is not a hot lead. Good lead generation companies will guarantee a solid pipeline of leads, and will deliver qualitative results,” says Louise Robinson, MD of CG Consulting, a B2B lead generation agency.

She adds that businesses invest time in sales strategies to generate more leads, yet they don’t plan for what happens when this strategy is implemented and working. “Lead generation is difficult, but with the assistance of a company that specialises in lead generation marketing, it doesn’t have to be. According to MarketingSherpa, 68% of B2B organisations have not planned their pipeline effectively. Partnering with a company that can help put the right foundations in place is the essential first step to sales success.”

At the end of the day, Robinson says outsourcing lead generation can only benefit an organisation. “It delivers better leads than most in-house teams can, it lowers cost and risk, and boosts business development. Outsourcing your leads can really help a boost and supplement a strong sales pipeline.”

Building a good pipeline and using the next few months to plan for the upcoming ‘slowdown period’ appropriately, is crucial, she says. For those businesses that don’t have the manpower or time to achieve their sales goals with only a few working months left of the year, companies like CG Consulting can do it for them. The company offers a customer-centric service to its clients that helps them find new and improved opportunities to market their products, increasing their customer bases and revenues at the same time.

“When you want to begin filling the sales pipeline with future business, it’s vital to understand that time is of the essence. A pipeline in sales basically represents the individual steps of the entire sales process, starting from the time that the initial contact is established with the potential customer (or prospect), to turning that prospect into a lead, and following the steps through all the different stages until the deal is closed and a sale is made. A focused approach is vital, because it is important to know your target market. Here, again, lead generation companies can mean the difference between success and failure,” Robinson concludes.