POPI is all about being polite, asking for permission and having jolly good manners!

The Communications acts section 45, within the POPI Act allows for companies to still communicate with new clients once and if they are not removed you can continue contacting them. Sales can’t stop all together, the world has to continue running, POPI is about cleaning up our acts and giving companies some clear guidelines.

So, what is the low down and how can we continue sell?

Your corporate messages must be relevant to the customer and from a reliable source, whether it is via sms, corporate email address or phone number so no “NO caller ID”. If prospects don’t want to hear from you, they must be taken off the list immediately, it’s easy enough. Unsubscribe or opt out in South Africa case.

Policies and procedure are NB in any company and the name of the game here is knowing your data is stored and where it’s from, did you buy it, get it from a competition or maybe they bought online. A client has a right to know what you hold on them and be removed if requested!

It’s like a clean-up act and we all need to play nicely from here on. No need to hold ID and Credit card numbers if you don’t use them. Delete them!

You can purchase databases from reputable sources, Says Louise Robinson at Database360, and market to them as long as you adhere to the rules, then you will be compliant. And out of trouble!

Don’t Spam or you will be fined. Simple! Cool video to explain exactly what we everyone is talking about.