Strategic Partnerships

With modern business being as fluid and fast-paced as it is, specialization is a pivotal key to success. The digital nature of modern business allows companies of all sizes to compete on an equal footing within an online environment. The days of large office buildings and being subjected to traffic jams are no longer a necessity of doing business.

Thusly, there being such a vast amount of competitors online, specializing one’s business model to the needs of one’s target market is a necessary occurrence. Specialization does not come without its own inherent pitfalls however.

An organization that does one thing better than any of its peers, might be ill equipped to manage certain business occurrences or functions. As it is with personal life, so it is with running a business: “No man is an island”. Outsourcing and strategic partnerships for specialized firms, is a sure-fire road to long term success. This allows separate organizations to form long-term mutually beneficial strategic business relationships, leveraging off of one another’s specializations.

At Database 360 we specialize in bringing companies together. We build, verify and sell B2B databases; allowing you to get into contact with companies across the continent of Africa, enhancing your company’s sales pipelines in the process. We take data accuracy very seriously, priding ourselves on a guaranteed accuracy rate of 90% for South African data and 80% for the rest of the continent. This increases your likelihood of creating quality leads within African countries that ultimately are more likely to develop into sales.

Our African roots and specialized knowledge is sure to enhance your company’s lead generation abilities on the emerging continent.